Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Notice what other people do not ...

‘Notice what no-one else notices and you’ll know what no-one else knows' - this skill is fundamental to taking your BJJ training to another level - and it is this fine attention to detail that underpins all the lessons we are offering on the Fightpuzzle site.
Taking ‘notice’ of things is at the very heart of natural and organic learning. Quick learners are usually quick ‘noticers’; developing a taste for nuance is something that will set you apart from the ordinary.
If we look at how a world champion (BJJ, golf, tennis, swimming, etc) performs, it can often be difficult to identify the things that he or she is doing that differentiates them from everyone else; but they are obviously doing things differently; we know this because they are getting a different result from the results that more ordinary people are enjoying. If we start with this premise: extraordinary people are doing things differently; then we can start looking, and looking closely, at what they are doing. It is only we observe with this kind of deep fascination, that we begin to notice the subtle, yet often powerful, ways in which extraordinary people differ from the ordinary.
Like any skill, the more we practise the art of ‘noticing’ the better we get at it. Coaches and teachers definitely need to nurture their ‘noticing’ skills; but this is a skill that can be taken from the mat and out into our daily lives; and as such, I feel everyone should nurture it at every opportunity. We urge all of our students to ‘notice’ – we try to instil in them – the habit of noticing, this way we can improve their ‘learning ability’ and not just their ‘doing ability’.
Take notice today – doors will open, opportunities will come to light and understanding will deepen.
Warmest wishes

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